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Cloudaeon database experts are experts in their fields and have extensive knowledge of the design, development and operational support of Cassandra.

Open source or commercial implementation? Ready for implementation or already in production … Regardless of your company’s position, Cloudaeon is here to guide you through your Cassandra project. Our specialist team works hand in hand with your IT department to ensure that every part of your Cassandra experience is just as it should be.

Our Support for Cassandra
We offer our customers extensive experience in the implementation process, from initial design and configuration to optimize the performance of their Cassandra database.

We offer a 24/7 report on the initial response and incident management with ongoing monitoring and maintenance from your Cassandra database.

Cassandra Consulting:
1. Use case analysis
2. Recommendations for system architecture
3. Detailed layout and road map
4. Design data models
5. Java Development
6. Cluster design and implementation
7. Data integration and integration
8. Prepare a garbage collection
9. Security configuration
10. Installation and upgrade
11. Database migration
12. Examination and examination
13. Advanced problems and performance optimization Support for Cassandra
14. 24/7 monitoring and problem solving
15. Root cause analysis
16. System support
17. Make the necessary improvements
18. Proactive and reactive monitoring
19. Continuous improvement
20. Thread management
21. Flexible engagement model


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