Shashikant Mundlik

Database Administration

Database administrators are always in demand, especially as the amount of data collected by the company increases. As more companies move to the cloud, the company roles and tasks change. Automation is likely to disrupt them, but the role of the database administrator is not over – it is developing. The company integrates the employees […]

Database Support

  The Cloudaeon system offers a comprehensive database support service that meets all your database maintenance needs. Our team of experts worked to recommend and perform all necessary database maintenance tasks such as follows       Monitoring       Archiving       Patching       Log erasing       Restoring […]

Deep Learning Services

There are a lot of prediction models are based on machine learning techniques such as weather forecasts, stock predictions, human and computer imaging applications, and more. However, there is a lack of accuracy during model testing during validation. Therefore, comprehensive training has been created that has overcome this problem by using a large number of […]

Machine learning as a service

Cloudaeon offers advanced machine learning solutions to help organizations to tackle the key business challenges, enabling data-driven solutions, and creating innovative business models.  We create future-ready ML-powered applications by using techniques like pattern recognition, computational intelligence, nature-inspired algorithms, and mathematical optimization. Machine learning solutions offer ways, tools, and algorithms that drive the real business results […]

Apache Cassandra consulting services

  Cloudaeon database experts are experts in their fields and have extensive knowledge of the design, development and operational support of Cassandra. Open source or commercial implementation? Ready for implementation or already in production … Regardless of your company’s position, Cloudaeon is here to guide you through your Cassandra project. Our specialist team works hand […]

Apache Spark Services

Spark is based on the Hadoop distributed file system but does not use Hadoop MapReduce, but its own framework for parallel data processing, which starts with the insertion of data into persistent distributed data records (RDD) and distributed memory abstractions, which computes large Spark clusters in a way that fault-tolerant. Because data is stored in […]

Big Data development

Like a large number of data sets, large data requires data analysis and special interpretation systems to arrive at the data model. This broadens data analysis and differs from data analysis in that it requires large amounts of data, which are required in modern systems. Cloudaeon as for big data development Cloudaeon uses big data […]

Big Data Administration

Data administration ensures that the entire life cycle of data usage and processing is in line with company objectives. It also defines the security and control elements of data access, where management level data can be restricted to certain people and processes. Big Data Administrator  Roles  Create, configure and configure Hadoop clusters  Install and configure […]

Hadoop Consulting Services

Hadoop is an open-source software framework that can process large amounts of data in a distributed cluster. Hadoop offers several use cases that allow the processing of big data with normal standard hardware. It is also highly scalable from one server to several server farms, with each cluster running on its own computing and storage. […]

Big data consulting services

Today, businesses of all sizes must make more data-based decisions than ever before to stay competitive. Large amounts of data, including those generated by the user or customer interactions, connected social media, devices, and hardware, can provide extraordinary insight and intelligent intelligence when properly analyzed. This insight can help companies increase profitability, business growth, and […]