Plan work, build apps, drive collaboration - all with Azure DevOps and Cloudaeon.

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s powerful SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end DevOps framework for developing and deploying software rapidly. It drives collaboration by enabling processes that bring together developers, project managers, and operations executives.

Cloudaeon helps enterprises to realize the true potential of Azure DevOps by setting up the required infrastructure, imparting training, and then onboarding their employees to help them make the most out of the Azure DevOps.

Business advantages of Azure DevOps

Faster time-to-market

Azure’s DevOps solution is designed to build high-performance applications faster, thereby improving time-to-market without compromising on the quality of the end product.

Flexible and Scalable

Avail a single instance and scale up later to use thousands of Azure services. If your DevOps team doesn’t like or need the entire suite of services, they can get them independently.

Enterprise-grade security

Azure comes with enterprise-grade security that will benefit your teams. Azure IAM sets user permission and policies over Azure resources and monitors how user access the services.

Automation of tasks

Azure uses automation to build and release fast and more efficiently. Azure services also automate manual t asks or processes such as development, deployment, testing and configuring.

Open-source platform

It provides extensive integration with industry and community tools. Its marketplace offers almost all third-party extensions like AWS, Slack, ServiceNow, and many more.

Better collaboration

Through its CI/CD pipeline and a range of features like dashboards, alerts, analytics, and linking of work items it drives collaboration between every team – right from the Devs to the Operations.

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Powerful Microsoft Azure Tools we work with

Azure DevOps services by Cloudaeon

Source/version control

Through effective source control, we can assist your business in the management of everything from computer programs and large websites to document changes and collections of information.

CI/CD pipeline setup

Using Azure Pipeline and Azure Test Plans, our DevOps engineers can help you build a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline throughout your application's lifecycle.

Repo management

By providing effective repo management we can improve the stability and performance of your systems, save bandwidth, and reduce its reliance on external repositories.

Microservices development

Turn your monolith apps into scalable and cost-effective microservices. Our Azure experts use containers and serverless computing to help you build efficient service solutions.

Monitoring and support

We will apply monitoring tools and create an automatic incident response, logging, and notification system to keep operations running. We provide 24/7 support for the speedy resolution of issues.

Automation services

Automation is essential for bridging the gap between development and operations. We provide end-to-end DevOps automation from building and releasing to deployment and testing.

Cloudaeon’s Azure DevOps Implementation process


Understanding client’s requirements, making technology decisions, and capturing roles, responsibilities and scope.


Designing a blueprint, determining the UX and flow, curating features and developing the product.


Release and deployment of your product. Providing training and cross-checking quality and operability.


Monitoring and analysing performance and compliance. Applying updates, fixes, and security patches.

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