Cloud Analytics Services

cloud analytics services

Cloudaeon offers sophisticated cloud data analytics services to drive 360-degree cloud transformation and gain a competitive advantage. This enables companies to predict behavior patterns, anticipate product trends, increase customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions. Our cloud analytics solution supports companies in automating and accelerating the reporting, planning and consolidation processes.

cloud analytics

Fast-growing companies need a way to store and manage data that can be scaled constantly. This huge amount of data from various sources is available in structured and unstructured forms. Using traditional or manual methods to optimize and manage this large amount of data to extract maximum business information is annoying and error-prone. While the cloud is a clear choice for companies to store growing data and cloud computing to optimize and consolidate big data, cloud data analysis solutions ensure that the right data analysis is carried out at a larger scale for timely data to capture business solutions.

The cloud analytics solution by Cloudaeon gives you an integrated cloud management platform that allows you to visualize, report, estimate and optimize your investment from several public cloud service providers. Cloud Analytics provides useful information and custom fees, from business aggregate reports and financial teams to technical use case details.

Big data analytics is undoubtedly one of the main reasons companies have found cloud for large investments. Because big data involves processing and analyzing large amounts of data, companies need to make large investments so that large data flows can be processed properly and efficiently.

Benefits of cloud analytics you’ll get:

  • Measurable goals
  • Lower operation costs
  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Access to data anytime, anywhere