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Cloud monitoring refers to the process of managing and reviewing operational workflows in the cloud information infrastructure. Therefore, cloud monitoring uses manual and automatic management and monitoring techniques to ensure the cloud platform works optimally. This approach is part of cloud security, and cloud administrators can check the operational status of cloud-based devices. In addition to monitoring data, this process helps evaluate the performance of the entire infrastructure by checking server updates and response rates.

Cloud Monitoring Benefits

  • Speed ​​up the diagnosis and resolution of incident outcomes
  • Control the costs of your IT infrastructure
  • Explore and visualize your environment more easily
  • Reduce the impact of abnormal situations with proactive notifications
  • Manage and group your users so you can control access to data
  • Troubleshoot your application and infrastructure problems

How do we ensure the availability and effectiveness of cloud-based monitoring services?

Cloudaeon can customize services to meet your individual cloud monitoring needs.

  • Get fast and effective solutions to toolkit problems, best practices, and SLA response times.
  • For real-time diagnostics, Cloudaeon monitoring experts will collect a number of specific metrics that you can use to monitor what’s important in the cloud.
  • Sleep tight and know that your critical system is monitored all the time by a dedicated team of cloud experts.


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