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Every modern organization of today is looking to speed up their IT, reduce operational costs, and safeguard their data. If there is just one solution that can handle all these challenges, then it is - cloud computing. Cloud computing increases your speed-to-market, data security, and savings on equipment. For those organizations operating in a metropolitan area like Tampa, it is indispensable for them to adopt cloud computing to stay competitive.

Cloudaeon is a proficient Cloud services company in Tampa that can help your organization to harness the power of cloud computing easily and effectively. Cloudaeon will help you choose, design, deploy and manage the best cloud infrastructure for your project based on your business goals. We offer configuration and management of public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems and software environments.


Benefits of Cloud for your business

There are many benefits of cloud computing for your business. Some of the major benefits are –

1.  Flexibility of access and use

Users can scale up and down the services to fit their needs. They can customize their applications and access cloud services from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, with just an internet connection.

2.  Efficiency of development

Enterprise users can develop and deploy applications quickly. They don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure, operational costs, or hardware maintenance.

3.  Strategic advantage

Cloud services give enterprises a competitive advantage by making available the most innovative technology in their infrastructure.

Why Cloudaeon for Cloud services

Cloudaeon is a versatile cloud services company in Tampa that not only help businesses to set up their cloud infrastructure but also helps them in advising and consulting on the best practices of cloud services to make the most out of them.

Through its innovative cloud solutions, Cloudaeon can –

·        Develop business strategies for you with its data-based forecasting

·        Replace your repetitive tasks with an automated system

·        Help the company to use all its data and derive insights from it

·        Expand your business with machine learning technology


Cloud Services provided by Cloudaeon in Tampa

Whether you are operating from Tampa or any other city in the world, our cloud services are designed to bring together your business’s data into one simple cloud solution, which is easily and instantly accessible to those within and outside your organisation. Our major cloud services include -

1.  Cloud Advisory services

Our cloud advisory services range from strategy and capability advice to the provision of technical cloud solutions. We aim to use cloud-based data fused with an understanding of your business strategy to drive your business forward.

2.  Migration and deployment

Most forward-thinking companies are using cloud solutions, with more importance placed on cloud data migration and deployment than ever before. Our professional team will securely handle your data to eliminate the risks associated with its transfer.

3.  Managed services

Off-the-shelf software is rarely capable of meeting the individual challenges your business faces, which is why we will combine our services to offer you a secure data solution, flexible infrastructure, and intelligent insight capabilities.

4.  Backup and Data Recovery

Our backup and data recovery solutions provide our customers with complete control over their data. We deliver total protection and recovery to data centres, applications, and remote offices, to ensure the most valuable asset in your organisation is protected.

5.  IoT (Internet of things)

Our team will ensure your business utilises the cloud to gain value from the increasing amount of data available from the IoT. We will create a system that enables actions to be taken from data such as predictive modelling, simulation of outcomes and simple reporting.

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