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Today’s enterprises need to be responsive to meet the changing customer needs andadaptable to withstand the dynamic market scenarios. In cities like Las Vegas, which have becomethe business hubs of their nations, companies are looking for ways to meetthese challenges in the fastest way possible.

The answer to these challenges lies in – DevOps. Since IT has become a major part ofoperations in any company, timely development and release of IT applications isa critical factor in the performance of these companies. DevOps makes the collaboration between different departments like development, operations, QA,security, etc. easier and helps in building great products at a faster pacewhich in turn leads to customer satisfaction. Cloudaeon is a leading DevOps services company in Las Vegas that can help your organization to adopt DevOps and improve its productivity and collaboration.

Benefitsof DevOps for your business

1.      Faster deployment – Application development and its subsequent updates and feature upgrades take much less timeto release. The products are made live and available to the customers at afaster pace.

2.      Improved collaboration – A better collaboration between different departments leads to transparency and high productivity. Due to this, solutions and products are more comprehensive androbust.

3.      Automation and innovation – Through DevOps repetitive tasks are automated. This helps in rapid app development, andit let the developers focus more on innovation and adding business value.

4.      Continuous delivery of software - DevOps accelerates the application lifecycle by expediting all the development phases- plan, develop, deliver, and operate. Each phase can be successively carriedout one after another to keep rolling out future updates and features.


Why Cloudaeon for DevOps

Cloudaeon is an innovative DevOps services company in Las Vegas that not only help businesses to adopt thelatest technologies but also helps them in improving their business functions and productivity. We believe in providing business value to our customers through our solutions. Following are the advantages that set us apart from ourcompetition -

·       Theuse of digital automation to reduce operating costs

·       Theoffering of suitable DevOps implementation models for your business

·       Developspecific KPIs to tailor DevOps to your specific business project

·       Recommendingthe appropriate DevOps toolkit and supporting its integration


DevOps Services provided by Cloudaeon in Las Vegas

With our DevOps consulting service, we support companies in the transition from conventional project-based conversion to fast delivery-based services. Our specialists help companies overcome difficult software development problems toensure fast and agile delivery. Our DevOps Consulting Service helps companies,SMBs, and beginners align their research and development activities to increase productivity, time to market, and application quality. Some of the services thatwe provide as a DevOps services company in Las Vegas are:

·       Infrastructure automation

·       Build& Release automation

·       Tracking& Monitoring

·       Training& Migration

In this way, the DevOps Services by Cloudaeon helps organizations use a comprehensive framework that not only includes tools and technology, but also softer aspects that are important to improve skills and change work cultures.

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