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Data analytics is changing the consulting industry. Because the digital revolution is deeply rooted in the consulting industry itself, there are huge opportunities for improvement and open customer experience and customer advice for analytics are now an integral part of modern advice.

Data analytics is a fast-moving technology that uses statistics, AI, and advanced market knowledge to identify meaningful models for large amounts of data. Analytics embedded smartly brings first-class impressions organizational performance metrics and complex, often confusing, changes that occur around them.

We at Cloudaeon extract correct insights from your data using advanced analytics techniques and technologies. Our Data Analytics team helps businesses around the world to use the huge amount of data they collect to extract useful insights from it.

With the right blend of strategies and technology, we provide a historical, present and predictive view of a business. We are not just creating solutions for the businesses, we are building economies of scale. We ensure that our clients focus on their core business processes and leave the worries to us, we not only analyze the existing problems and effective solutions but we also help you recognize new and profitable opportunities.

Why Us?

  • Business Intelligence & Consulting: Data Analytics Consulting to Shift from Scattered Data to Informed Decisions. We empower enterprises with the intelligence they deserve to stay ahead of the time.
  • Enabling real-time insights and intelligent actions: Asset-intensive Enterprises are being flooded with ever-increasing data coming-in from a large number of devices, physical assets, customers, and business. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage such a multitude of data systems, which doesn’t allow one view of data. We are helping Enterprises in such robust implementations by defining their technology roadmap and implementation strategy.
  • Industry-Leading Data Analytics Solutions and Partnerships: While our approach is solution-agnostic, we have extensive experience implementing, managing and optimizing a number of leading-  Data management, Data warehousing, Business intelligence, and Analytics solutions.

In addition, we have formal partnerships in place with industry leaders that enable us to deliver better services and solutions to our clients. We provide data analytics consulting services for our customers to benefit from integrated solutions that rely on the optimal technology stack, allowing companies to save their costs, improve performance and grow their business.


  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Forecasting
  • Data Visualization

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