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Database administrators are always in demand, especially as the amount of data collected by the company increases. As more companies move to the cloud, the company roles and tasks change. Automation is likely to disrupt them, but the role of the database administrator is not over – it is developing. The company integrates the employees into BI and the analysis team, this provides the ability to use DBA domain knowledge and mastery of data flow in the company environment.

Database Administration Consulting Services from Cloudaeon

  •         Identifying users needs to create and administer databases.
  •         Ensuring that the database operates efficiently and without any error.
  •         Making and testing modifications to the database structure when needed.
  •         Maintaining the database.
  •         Backing up and restoring data to prevent data loss.

 Database Administration Tools from Cloudaeon 

The Cloudaeon Company provides many database administration tools that help the DBA in his decision-making.

The first step the company needs to make the decision when introducing DBaaS is to choose a DBMS. The Cloudaeon Company offers DBMS include:

  •         Oracle database
  •         SQL Server
  •         NoSQL
  •         MySQL

The next step is to determine which cloud service provider to use. The company uses cloud service providers which includes:

 Why Cloudaeon for your Database Administration?

  •  Database performance optimization: All types of systems are optimized, used to increase throughput and minimize contention, enabling the largest possible workload to be processed.
  • Encryption: When data is encrypted, it is transformed using an algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone without the decryption key. The general idea is to make the effort of decrypting so difficult as to outweigh the advantage to a hacker of accessing the unauthorized data
  • Label-Based Access Control: A growing number of DBMSs offer label-based access control, which delivers more fine-grained control over authorization to specific data in the database. With label-based access control, it is possible to support applications that need a more granular security scheme.
  •  Data Masking: Data masking at cloudaeon is done with provisioning test environments so that copies created to support application development and testing do not expose sensitive information. Valid production data is replaced with usable, referentially intact. After masking, the test data is used just as with production data and the information content is secure.


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