Improve Productivity and Reduce Waste

The problem

A large food retailer in the UK was spending vast amounts of time performing manual checks of ‘Date Expire Food’, to both the front of the store and the back storage area. Although this met strict compliance regulations and reduced wastage, the labour-intensive activities were having a negative impact on productivity.

The store managers knew that the team were struggling to meet productivity targets, which were set to ensure waste reduction tasks were performed on time. The managers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the difficult task of planning resources for the labour-intensive processes, whilst also needed to adhere to strict waste regulations.

Our solution

We knew that the key to improving productivity and efficiency was to overhaul the current system in place to check the ‘Date Expire Food’. The same processes were being followed in over 700 stores, so we understood that the system we implemented would need to be fully flexible and easy to understand and follow.

The Cloudaeon team quickly redesigned the whole process with store-specific fully automated actionable insights. This meant every store had a unique system and set of procedures which met their own individual requirements.

Before rolling out the system within the stores, our team ran a collaborative trial with a variety of stores. By hand-picking a small selection of stores, we were able to ensure our solution worked across the range of retail environments within the chain. Once the results were analysed it was clear that our system brought a sustained improvement to the productivity and waste levels within the stores.

The result

Once the system was implemented, the stores experienced impressive results including a saving of £1.056m on labour costs and the redeployment of labour. The system also provided increased visibility of the out of date products, which resulted in less waste and also an increase in profits through price reductions rather than disposal of spoiled items.

By implementing an efficient and effective system the staff were able to focus their time on the customers rather than time-consuming tasks.

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