Automated Analytics

The Modern, Actionable And AI Driven Analytics Built For The Business

Conventional BI solutions became despondent with the cost and struggle to deliver ron their fundamental purpose to make it easy to accumulate all your data, enable rapid analytics, predict trends using AI, dat-driven insights for all your Business users, and to address your Business problems.

To solve that, we built Automated Analytics in the Cloud. It’s designed to handle all aspect of continuous data integration, rapid analytics, and AI that deliver: performance, simplicity, scalability, innovation and affordability.

Make Data Led- Business Decisions

Leveraging insight and understanding from data is key to making effective decisions. Cloudaeon provides means for rapid analytics from all your data to move your business forward.

Improve Profitability and Efficiency by Humanizing your Data

Being able to ask a question about your data without having to think about the mechanics of doing so really helps users across multiple levels.
By decreasing technology barriers Cloudaeon makes analytics accessible to all the users which were traditionally reserved for analysts and data scientists.

Solve Complex Challenges With Explainable AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps uncover those insight which previously gone undiscovered. But, it is important for the AI to explain the users why it is going about certain decisions.
At Cloudaeon, we build and explain transparent AI models, so user canĀ trust and resonate with it in a way they understand their business.

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