Automated analytics designed for your business


Transforming data into actionable insights with modern artificial intelligence (AI) driven analytics designed specifically for your individual needs.  Your business could benefit from a reliable, simple and innovative system for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

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An overview of Cloudaeon

To find out exactly how Cloudaeon will change the way your business handles data and analytics, take a look at this short video,

The clip will explain how we make it our mission to address the challenges your business faces, through usable data and key insights.

Key Facts

Easily load and store data

The Cloudaeon system will securely load and store your businesses data into a cloud-based data warehouse. The system will automatically gather data from all available sources including traditional sources, social media sites and the latest machine-generated sources.

Actionable visualisation of the data

Our innovative system is designed to help everyone in your business visualise the data to create actionable reports. Through simple dashboard designs, your teams will be able to work efficiently and effectively to create a seamless end-to-end analytics process.

Fully scalable performance

As your business grows, the system will grow with you through its ability to automatically scale to your data requirements. Whether you need to increase or decrease workloads, users or features our flexible system will always perform.

Share data across and beyond your organisation

The key to understanding data lies in providing solutions which share the important insights throughout the organisation and beyond. Our modern system is designed to provide secure sharing of data within minutes, without ever having to move the data outside of the business. Simply share any required section of the cloud data to any person inside or outside your business.

The Artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit

Our AI toolkit is designed to harness the creative potential within your organisation, through unleashing curiosity to gain competitive advantage. The toolkit will harness business intelligence within limitless datasets through deep machine learning so that your business can unlock its potential.

Zero management required

Our system provides you with the time required to concentrate on the daily activities of your business. Cloudaeon effortlessly handles every aspect, from the infrastructure and optimisation of data to protecting data and managing availability, so that you can focus on driving your business forward rather than managing data.

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