AWS Managed Service

Cloudaeon provides end-to-end AWS solutions to enterprise sat any stage of their cloud adoption journey – from consultation on initial solution design to developing and customizing applications, through to ongoing optimization and support.

By working with Cloudaeon – a certified AWS Partner, you can leverage the cloud as a decisive business advantage that not just provides technical benefits but also generates positive business results. We are are cognized and trusted AWS managed services provider that advises and supports customers of all sizes with varying business needs.

Our managed AWS services include daily monitoring and maintenance of your applications and server health. These include precisely defined SLAs, complete management of your AWS-based infrastructure, AWS DevOps Automation, provision of databases and applications, etc. Our AWS Managed Service ensures that your cloud processes are automated, highly available, optimized, monitored and appropriate disaster recovery plans are supported.

AWS Managed Service

Why do you need AWS managed services?

AWS Managed Services (AMS) help your enterprise to operate its AWS infrastructure more effectively and securely. AWS Managed Services can expandand optimize your operations in both the new and existing AWS infrastructure byleveraging AWS services and a growing library of apps for facilitatingautomation, security, etc.

Whether you are just starting out, migrating a data center,or building optimized applications in the cloud, maintaining continuous operational quality is a critical component to success in the cloud. AWS managed services can help expand your cloud operations and can either act as a short-term boost or a long-term solution for your business.

AWS Managed Services provide you with operational adaptability,augment security and compliance, optimize capacity and drive actions towards cost savings. These services also provide a stable operating model for your entire AWS infrastructure leveraging detective guardrails, maintenance, security, andincident management protocols for both traditional and modern workloads.

Benefits of AWS managed services:

Amazon Web Services is a mature cloud platform used by many enterprises all over the world. It offers a wide range of tools and services that provide the following benefits –

1.     Cost Optimization – AMS helps with financial and capacity optimization all over your AWS fleet, and any savings thus identified will reduce your AMS costs without impacting operational efficiencyor security. It also provides an adaptive consumption-based billing model and month-to-month contracting.

2.     Better security – AMS builds andmaintains a growing repository of compliance, operational, and securityguardrails that help keep you aligned with your controls. Amazon’s VirtualPrivate Cloud (VPC) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies makeuser authentication and authorization easy and effective.

3.     Flexibility and scalability – AMS can support common infrastructure activities like change and patch management, monitoring,security, and backup and can also provide full-lifecycle services to design,run, and support your infrastructure. You can easily scale up your infrastructure through AMS as per your business needs.

4.     Enhanced operational efficiency - AMS can automate the routine IT tasks and activities and thus letting your development teamfocus on strategic and innovative endeavours. Managed service providers, with extensive experience in infrastructure management, can complement your internal IT team and thus improve the operational efficiency of the whole enterprise.


Cloudaeon AWS Managed Services include:

As a certified AWS Managed Services Partner, we help ourclients build successful AWS-based solutions by providing our technical consultation, development skills, monitoring, and support. We can build,migrate, manage, and support your business workloads and applications on AWS.Our main AWS Managed Services include:

Building and automating AWS infrastructure

We build AWS infrastructure which is designed to automate routinetasks so that your dev teams can focus on innovation. We build customizedsolutions as per your business needs and manage your complex cloud environments so that your services can remain fast and agile.

Migration to the AWS environment

We can facilitate a hassle-free migration strategy to moveall your business operations to the Cloud. Your business will witness a boostin productivity and competitiveness through our adaptive, secure and collaborative applications.

Cloud-based apps development

We can help you build cloud-based apps and solutions foryour business that can be used for commercial purposes. We can help you designand develop a robust SaaS (Software as a Service) or BaaS (Back end as aService) platform to be run on AWS.

Cloud advisory and consulting

Our experts and strategists will help your business in its digital transformation by successfully migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, transforming IT operations, and keeping costs down. We’ll check thecompatibility of your existing applications for the new AWS Cloud and formula tea strategy for migration.

Security, backup, and recovery

We implement reliable, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and prevent data loss. We perform regular security scans and deploy security patches and updates. We regularly assess the compliance of your AWS environment with modern data privacy and security frameworks.

Monitoring and 24/7 Support

We offer continuous monitoring and support that helps inpredicting and preventing issues at the early stages to avoid systems downtime.Your entire AWS account is managed by us so that you can focus on your business without any worries. We handle user access, billing, and payments, generate monthly reports on resource utilization and provide round-the-clock support.

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