Azure Managed Service

Cloudaeon’s Azure Managed Services provide your enterprise comprehensive support for managing the infrastructure, applications, and resources on the Microsoft Azure platform.

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we possess the skills, knowledge,and experience to manage your entire cloud life cycle. From work load migrations to developing customized cloud applications, our experts will ensure your Azure environment is working the way you want. We will help you reduce costs and maximize your cost efficiency by scaling your infrastructure on a per needed basis

Azure Managed Services

Why you need Azure Managed Services?

Microsoft Azure managed services covers end-to-end management and administrations of your Azure architecture. Azure services is a comprehensive collection of cloud services that cloud experts and developers use to design, deploy, and manage applications through a network of data centers.

With the help of an Azure Managed Service, you get the freedom and choice to make use of the innovation and opportunities of the cloud beneficially. You will finally concentrate on the implementation of the new ideas in the cloud while we will ensure that your infrastructure and processes run as best as possible in the background.

Azure Managed Services include migration of your existing IT work loads to a customised Azure cloud solution with zero disruption transition. They also include modernization of your applications, platform, and assets. At the end, it enables automated AIOps-based Azure administration and monitoring and security.

Benefits ofAzure Managed Services

Our top-notch Azure Managed Services raise the productivity of your business. Some of the advantages that you will get by partnering with us are:

Cost-EffectiveServices: With years of on-hand technical experience our group of experts will design, set up, and manage end-to-end Azure services for you. This will save you loads of time and money that you might have spent on hiring an expert from Microsoft.

SecureTransition: Our crew can transitionyour complete current infrastructure to Microsoft Azure using advanced industrystandards to keep away from any data loss or disruption.

Constant Assistance: We monitor yourAzure-based apps 24/7 and apply regular updates. Our IT team continually monitors these apps and services to identify potential issues with configuration, security, and any other cause.

Data safety and recovery: Our swiftand elegant approach towards data transfer offers multi-layered protection which guarantees the protection of your data. We are always alert and will stopany external hazard before it even hits your system.

Regular and detailed reporting: We save you thetime you spend on creating the reports that your leadership and operations needby providing you with regular reports on your account’s health, key actions taken, and changes introduced in the system.

Cloudaeon Microsoft Azure Managed services include:

We offer many choices foryour Azure Managed Services deployment – customised to meet your needs and budget:

Azure Infrastructure Setup: Get a customised,compliant-ready Azure Cloud Infrastructure paired with automated maintenance functionalities.Gain the best uptime, zero disruptive operations, no data loss, virtualized applications, intelligent risk management with 24/7 monitoring, and highly scalable workload performance.

Cloud Monitoring and reporting: Get state-of-the-art,24/7 Azure Cloud monitoring including centralized visibility over your entireAzure cloud architecture, logs, and incidents through monitoring tools,automated alert mechanisms, and analytical reports. Track the performance ofyour cloud apps and gain unique insights in real-time.

Azure Managed Security and Operations:Leverage Azure managed security services to protect your networks and data with automated incident management, threat detection and proactive alerting. Preserveyour IT assets and data on cloud with vulnerability assessment, incident response, security tools, industry compliance, and much more.

AIOps forwork loads on Azure: Empower your enterprise with machine learning, Big Data, AI, and Analytics. Our robust service delivery models, automated key functions for work load management,integrated smart tools and applications help IT teams foresee risks, locateloopholes, and rectify issues as soon as they occur.

DevOps onAzure: Adopt advanced DevOps onAzure to embrace an agile software delivery model. Launch new Azure resources and apps rapidly, transition between the test/dev environments with ease,automatically scale up production resources and achieve consistent configuration standards across environments.

Azure Cloud consultation: Get advicefrom our Azure experts on the extent and nature of your requirements and how toavail the Azure Services in the most cost-effective manner. Get a roadmap of the entire Azure journey and get step-by-step guidance on the process of Azure set up and deployment.

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