Backup Recovery & Disaster Management

If companies fail to take reasonable precautions to protect their servers, they are open to potentially damaging data loss. Cyber-attacks or accidents can cause disaster for the company. Cloudaeon uses proven backup and restore solutions for multiple enterprise infrastructures and offers stable, scalable and closely guarded data protection.


Hardware failures, human errors, system failures, natural disasters, computer viruses, theft, and accidental deletions - all add to the data loss problem. Regardless of the problem, irreparable loss of data affects customers and employees and can have serious consequences for your business, including loss of revenue and damage to reputation.


Why take risks? Waiting until it's too late is not an option. We can take care of worries that keep you from focusing on important aspects of your business. Allow us to implement plans and infrastructure that will enable you to overcome potential disasters or technology traps.

Backup Recovery & Disaster Management

Our main BackUp Recovery Offerings include:

  • Backup as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Cloud and Hybrid Backup Services
  • Software BackUp Implementation
  • Ensuring Server Security

Disaster recovery and backup recovery are not mutually exclusive. In fact, best practices cover both approaches. You need to create a regular and consistent data backup and recovery plan to protect your business and its data from unplanned loss. Remember that data backup is one form of a disaster recovery plan, whereas the latter is part of a comprehensive security plan. By preparing for worse scenarios, you can ensure business continuity and fast recovery times for your critical business data.

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