Big Data analytics and Consulting Service

Today, businesses of all sizes must make more data-based decisions than ever before to stay competitive. Large amounts of data, including those generated by the user or customer interactions, connected social media, devices, and hardware, can provide extraordinary insights and intelligence when properly analysed. These insights can help companies increase profitability, business growth, and service quality, improve product offerings, and make smarter business decisions.

Big Data analytics and Consulting Service

Our Big Data Service includes:

  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Data integration
  • Data retrieval
  • Data architecture
  • Corporate data storage
  • Support for large data platforms

Big Data Consulting and Assessments

Although companies currently have a lot of data, they rarely adopt approaches to use and analyse this data to gather business information and insights. The Big Data Advisory Service from Cloudaeon can help your organization to start and implement your -

  • Big Data strategy
  • Architectural overview
  • Planning and administration
  • Data analysis
  • Standardisation of the platform

Big Data Platform Services and Implementation

Using and analysing available data to solve business problems requires experience in implementing platforms and tools. Cloudaeon works as partners with customers to ultimately provide big data and analytical solutions.

Big Data Managed Services

As companies continue to use different customer interaction mechanisms, the volume, structure and data sources continue to increase. These improvements must be integrated seamlessly into the existing big data ecosystem, which requires optimal daily management across platforms and applications. Platform support includes -

  • MapR management, 
  • cluster, and node monitoring, 
  • high availability cluster support, 
  • upgrades and patches 
  • Application support,
  • monitoring Hadoop work, 
  • application enhancements, and 
  • ongoing application support 
  • Expand resources with big data consultants
  • create data tools and support developers

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