Cloud Cost Optimization

Today, companies are adopting cloud platforms and cloud services at an unprecedented rate. They have realized that cloud adoption is the way to go if they want to ensure their company’s continuous growth. But together with the cloud adoption comes the problem of rising costs and increasing IT expenditure. Cloud Cost optimization has become a major issue for many of the enterprises and a challenge for their IT teams. Although cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google cloud offer easy scalability and diverse pricing plans, the real cloud costs are often hard to track and calculate.

Cloud Cost Optimization Services

To keep the cloud costs low, many organizations adopt cloud cost optimization strategies to attain clear understanding and manage the costs of their cloud ecosystem, while increasing cloud efficiency and usage. Many platforms, best practices, and solutions have emerged to handle cloud cost optimization, but the best way is to take the help of a managed service provider. MSPs excel in cloud management and cost optimization because they have proper expertise and experience to realize the cost optimization strategy.

What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cloud cost optimization is a blend of tools, techniques, strategies, and best practices that helps in minimizing cloud costs and optimize cloud computing resources to increase business value. It includes reducing your overall cloud expenditure by identifying and reducing mismanaged resources, eliminating excess resources, utilizing discounts to reserve higher capacity, and adapting computing resources to suit the workloads in your cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Cost optimization with Cloudaeon

All popular cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer their users unlimited scalability and the provision to lower IT costs by charging for only those resources that are in use.  But these platforms charge their clients for resources they order, whether they use them or not. That is why you need a cloud partner like Cloudaeon for effective cloud cost management.

Cloudaeon helps you to optimize your cloud infrastructure and make it efficient, secure, and flexible to save most of your operational costs. We have a team of experts who use various monitoring and optimization tools to bring down your IT expenditure on your cloud infrastructure.

Our cloud cost optimization strategy is built on these principles –

  • Measuring, monitoring, and improving

    Our cloud cost optimization plan starts by identifying unused and idle resources and removing them. We proactively monitor for unused resources and remove them with zero disruption. Idle computing instances are those which are not fully utilized most of the time. We identify such instances and transfer their workloads and computing jobs onto fewer instances. Through autoscaling, load balancing, and on-demand expansion we ensure that you can scale up your computing power when needed.

  • Right Sizing the computing resources

    Right Sizing is the method of monitoring and analysing computing services and then modifying them to the most efficient and optimal size. Cloud vendors, with their hundreds of instance types and choices of configurations, make it hard for developers to select optimal instances for their needs. Hence the best method for saving on cloud costs is to proactively monitor and optimize the resource utilization. Through rightsizing, we can also recommend modifications across instance families, as and when required. Besides reducing cloud costs, Right Sizing also helps with cloud optimization, which means making the most out of the resources that you are paying for.

  • Proper utilization of Reserved Instances

    Companies that are serious about cloud adoption and want to make their digital transformation journey successful should invest in reserved instances. These offer bigger discounts due to the upfront payment model and larger time durations of the subscription plans. Savings from reserved instances can reach up to a sizeable amount, so this is a must for cloud cost optimization. We assess your past usage and future requirements properly and make suggestions to purchase the right RIs, lasting for one to three years. We make it easy to achieve the most savings by managing your RI portfolio and tracking your reservations and renewals.

  • Alignment between business and budgeting goals

    Cost optimization does not mean just saving the cloud bills and costs. It is essentially a holistic approach to achieving business goals while ensuring not to overshoot the budget. We follow a consultative approach toward cloud cost optimization in which we collaborate with business executives and product engineers to match performance requirements with cost constraints.

Why Cloudaeon for Cloud Cost Optimization

Our Cloud cost optimization services minimize your cloud expenditure without compromising your performance needs and business goals. Our simple yet powerful approach to optimising cost provides our clients with the following benefits –  

  • Guaranteed reduced billing by a minimum of 30-35%
  • Easy tracking of the utilization of Reserved Instances
  • Time and effort savings in managing bills and renewals
  • Increased focus on your core business
  • High availability of cloud resources at a reduced cost
  • Increased flexibility and scalability of your cloud environment

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