Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Businesses of today are rapidly adopting cloud in their infrastructure. But with such transformations comes the overhead of costs. Cloudaeon helps you to optimize your cloud infrastructure and make it efficient, secure, and flexible so as to save a majority of your operational costs. We have a team of experts who use various monitoring and optimization tools to bring down your IT expenditure on your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Cost Optimization Services

We help you to optimize your Cloud environment be it AWS, Azure or GCP which will reduce your overall cloud spend by 35% to achieve cost-effectiveness.

Cost optimization with Cloudaeon

  • Right-Sizing
  • Reserved Instances
  • Increase Elasticity
  • Measure, monitor and improve

Why Cloudaeon for Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Guaranteed Reduced billing by minimum of 30-35%
  • Track utilization of Reserved Instances
  • Save time in managing to bill
  • Allow focusing on your core business
  • High Availability at a reduced cost
  • Increase flexibility

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