Cloud Design and Development

We provide cloud solutions for organizations that are efficient, secure, and flexible and are designed to provide and manage their business needs. We use industry-proven methods to develop cloud migration and management solutions and create a robust framework that makes the transition to cloud-based architecture seamless.


We have a team of experts who use various monitoring and advice tools to get better results. Our cloud experts design, build, implement, and manage infrastructure solutions that are efficient, secure, and flexible to meet the needs of ever-changing business needs. Our tool offers real-time monitoring and advice. We consider the requirements of modern infrastructure when designing new solutions together with different technical parameter frameworks. The services we offer for cloud design and implementation help companies achieve their goals.


Advantages of choosing Cloudaeon for Cloud Design and development:

Choosing Cloudaeon to manage your cloud architecture design for your business reduces the risk of bad migration so your business can quickly benefit from cloud size and flexibility. Using a multi-cloud approach to design cloud architecture, our Professional Services Architecture team evaluates your workload and application requirements to help you choose the right cloud platform. This platform can include our own private cloud hosted at our local data center or public cloud services such as AWS and Azure.

Our Cloud Design and Development Services Include:

Cloud Design and Development

  • Monolithic applications are divided into micro user services, which can then be enlarged or reduced, updated, revived and configured independently of each other.
  • All components that can be placed in the Docker container are in the container. This ensures that they work together in any environment where Docker is installed.
  • Application security is ensured by hiding a private subnet behind the castle host. Manual workflow is being replaced by the CI/CD pipeline which guarantees a fully automated process without room for human error.
  • We provide the prerequisites for providing big data analytics, machine learning, serverless computing, and other advanced cloud technologies


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