Cloud Migration

As cloud migration is the process of deploying digital assets, resources, and corporate services or applications to the cloud that cannot be accessed outside of the cloud firewall, it is essential for enterprises to decide whether the public, private or hybrid cloud approach is the best – and in what order applications and environments migrate to the cloud, also known as “migration from cloud to cloud”.

Cloudaeon has extensive experience in providing superior customer experience and data analysis applications and offers application speed with its cloud migration service and increases accessibility with third-party tools and predetermined templates designed for specific workloads. The Cloudaeon migration approach provides sophisticated migration in a smooth and coordinated manner. We offer a faster, more profitable and more successful transition without affecting business.

Cloud Migration Services and Support

Advantages of Cloud Migration

  • Cost savings due to optimized resources utilization
  • Greater flexibility for scaling up infrastructure
  • Better collaboration for staff and team members
  • Improved security with backup and disaster recovery
  • Built-in tools for status monitoring
  • Enhanced Key Metrics Logging
  • Better future adaptability and digital presence
  • Speeding up of application development life cycle
  • Options for adopting AI/ML, Big Data, Data analytics
  • More control and insights over the business operations

Cloud Migration process by Cloudaeon  

Our end-to-end, holistic cloud migration process delivers industry-grade capabilities through advanced industry-specific tools, methods, and automation technologies across all types of cloud models and supports multiple delivery methods such as IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS. Following are the steps of our cloud migration strategy that we take to ensure a successful migration –

  1. Cloud discovery and analysis

Using advanced tools and analysis, we examine and assess your infrastructure, data, and applications to determine the most suitable cloud services for you to meet your growth requirements.  

  1. Cloud migration planning

We assess and analyse your business needs, recommend a comprehensive migration strategy, choose a cloud platform, and design a plan to move your existing workloads to the cloud, keeping the risks, time, and cost as low as possible.  

  1. Cloud migration execution

We make use of automated cloud migration and administration tools to enable a smooth cloud adoption or transition. We adhere to the best procedures and protocols to ensure a safe and disruption-free transition.  

  1. Cloud support and maintenance

We provide proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution through our 24x7 support and maintenance services. Our experts are always available to support your after-migration operations and provide requisite training, whenever required.

Why choose Cloudaeon for Cloud Migration

  1. Safe with low risk-levels

We employ state-of-the-art technologies to automate your transition. By minimizing manual intervention, we ensure that your workloads are shipped or redesigned in a safe and risk-free manner.  

  1. Disruption-free process

Our cloud migration services never disrupt your existing business processes. Our end-to-end process of cloud migration with careful planning, development, and testing leads to seamless migrations.  

  1. Years of experience

With our team of talented and certified engineers and our years of experience in providing managed cloud services to hundreds of businesses from different domains, we excel in the niche of cloud migration.  

  1. Partnership with major cloud platforms

Cloudaeon is a valued partner and maintains strong relationships with many of the major cloud platform providers in the industry such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  

  1. 24x7 support and monitoring

Our services do not end after the cloud migration is over. We are available 24x7 for supporting, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting your infrastructure, processes, and cloud applications.

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