Data Management Service

Efficient data management has become one of the top priorities of almost all enterprises today. While running their operations, organizations collect a large amount of data related to their products, consumers, market, interactions, and transactions. If the enterprise does not have an efficient data management solution in place, then storing, maintaining, securing, and driving insights from the data becomes a challenge.

Data Management Services

Cloudaeon offers superior Data Management Services and solutions to organizations to mine and further process their business data for effective decision making. Cloudaeon’s data management services help enterprises to manage their data efficiently. They also help them create accurate reports, manage dashboards, and generate warnings to meet various reporting requirements and establish compliance with regulations.

Our Data Management Services

Our team of data engineers and data scientists assists several organizations, from start-ups to big enterprises, in data warehousing, data integration, data analytics, data security, data management, and several other data services.

Some of our major data management services are as follows –

  1. Data Warehouse service

Data warehouse services include advisory, implementation, migration, support, and managed services to help companies derive business benefits from a high-performing data warehousing setup. We help companies implement a powerful and scalable data warehouse or upgrade their existing one to improve its performance and costs.

  1. Data Analytics service

Data analytics services help organizations to get their data collected, processed, and displayed to them in the form of actionable insights while averting investments in the development and adoption of an analytics solution. Cloudaeon is a reliable data analytics partner for enterprises that want quick, powerful, and practical analytical insights out of their data.

  1. Data Visualization service

Data visualization helps reveal crucial data to companies through intuitive visuals. Our experts enable data visualization for organizations to identify trends, track business progress, and analyse the performance of various products and campaigns. We provide data visualization services to help you transform complex data into appealing visuals to meet your business challenges and make data-driven decisions rapidly.

  1. Business Intelligence service

Business intelligence (BI) services help companies to make data-driven decisions across their business verticals. As an experienced provider of BI solutions, Cloudaeon integrates data from multiple sources and applies analytics techniques to extract useful insights. We help companies implement robust end-to-end BI solutions and provide continuous BI support.

  1. Data Science service

Data science service allows enterprises to gain business insights through advanced analytics tools, including deep learning, without any upfront investment in developing data science competencies. We provide organizations with data science services to enable them to identify growth and business improvement opportunities. We deliver data science services that leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning technologies to generate useful insights and drive the growth of companies. We implement data science best practices to drive your decision-making with keen forecasting and deep root-cause analysis.

  1. Big Data service

Big data service helps companies to derive practical insights from huge volumes of multi-structured data. We offer big data advisory, implementation, and support services to help enterprises find hidden patterns in their data, spot market trends, and enhance customer experience. We design, develop, and implement full-scale big data solutions with relevant and unique features set to meet all your business needs and challenges.

  1. Data Integration services

The Data Integration services help companies to handle their data fragmentation problem by unifying diverse sources of enterprise data to a single cloud platform. This gives everyone constant access to data within the network. Our data integration services include data integration consulting, data integration on the cloud, data virtualization, API integration, etc.

  1. Master Data Management service

In any organization, Master Data holds all the critical information on customers, suppliers, and products. It is an enterprise-level shared service. Our Master Data Management Services helps companies to manage this crucial data and helps them to meet all the compliance needs of their products, customers, and vendors.

  1. Data quality and governance service

Data quality is the core ingredient for an enterprise’s success. Our Data Quality services help companies to maintain the quality of their data and its sources so that it stays useful for business needs. Our data quality service helps in cleaning, profiling and optimally using the data. Our Data Governance service optimizes business rules, processes, user roles, etc. which enables quality and consistency to improve data security and decrease risks.

Why choose Cloudaeon for Data management services?

Cloudaeon serves hundreds of customers in industries worldwide and is the preferred choice for companies around the world who need reliable and mature data management services at reasonable prices. Our data management services use robotic process automation (RPA) to collect and clean data, self-healing processes to correct data errors and various tools to handle data duplication and dummy data. They enable companies to integrate, transform and improve their data through advanced tools and technologies with optimum governance, security, and control. Our data management services can be smoothly integrated with legacy systems which leads to increased productivity and cutting down costs.

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