DevOps as a Services

We can work with your business to advance your DevOps workflow so that your organisation can begin to use the petabytes of data you are collecting. We understand that businesses want reliable, cloud-based applications which will be fast, readily available, simple to use and bug-free. By bridging the gap between software development and IT operations, we will help your business provide a stable and reliable information infrastructure.

DevOps as a Services

Source control

Devops Source control

DevOps is a revolutionary way to manage software and efficiently maintain a high level of data security. Through effective source control, we can assist your business in the management of everything from computer programs and large websites, to document changes and collections of information.

Build automation

Deveops Build automation

An important aspect of ensuring your business provides continuous delivery of a system is the incorporation of a build automation stage. This stage sets out how new features are integrated into the source code of your systems. Through automated building and testing, we will ensure any data services work correctly at a technical level.

Repo management

Devops Repo management

By providing effective repo management we can improve the stability of your systems and reduce the reliance on external repositories. There are multiple benefits including the saving of time and bandwidth, improved performance, increased control and the provision of a central storage area

Test automation

Devops Test automation

We can provide test automation services to strengthen the incorporation of new digital technologies, which are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Using our advanced test automation practices we will reduce the time your company needs to spend on manual tasks, increase process speed and provide timely feedback.


Devops Deployment

We can use our vast experience to effectively manage your deployment processes. Our team will provide everything from workflow visualisation tools to business process maps so that everyone on the business understands the intricacies of system management and deployment.

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