DevOps Transformation

Meeting business requirements through IT is a big challenge for companies. Customers are increasingly demanding more than digital platforms. At the same time, technological progress is accelerating. As a result, technology leaders are under pressure to accelerate innovation without sacrificing stability or security. Many organizations adopted the DevOps transformation services to solve this problem and sought support from experienced DevOps transformation consultants.

DevOps Transformation

Has the existing DevOps initiative resulted in isolated pockets of success in your company? Are you struggling to expand your existing DevOps initiative? Do you want to coordinate people, processes, and technology and take DevOps to the next level?Cloudaeon helps companies use the rapid approach to software and IT operations quickly and on a large scale. This includes modernizing work practices and helping companies move to a lean and value-based operating model called DevOps. We introduce the automation needed to manage applications and infrastructure quickly and efficiently to maximize security without risk. We follow the maturity and framework of a proven and data-based business case to transform the IT delivery capabilities of large companies.

DevOps Transformation services from Cloudaeon

Cloudaeon offers the DevOps Transformation Service, through which you can be innovative and react quickly to the changing market and technological landscape. The Agile DevOps service allows you to create and manage multi-cloud platforms that use architectural drawings and work models used by leading public cloud providers such as AWS.

Although CI/CD is a fully automated process, it needs to be updated to include new application features or changes in business logic. It’s also quite common for new functions to be published by cloud or CI/CD providers which can have a significant impact on your own pipeline, workflow or even budget. All these cases require some CI/CD repairs that Cloudaeon excels in.

Our DevOps Transformation approach:

  • Development of automated platforms for continuous delivery
  • Development of customer skills and capacity
  • The reengineering process - based on Lean and DevOps
  • Pilot digital work models, team structures, and management methods

Why Cloudaeon for your DevOps Transformation?

  • Develop appropriate cultural philosophies and practices.
  • Identify the right tools that can be scaled, programmed, and proven to be automatically effective.
  • We have in-depth experience with DevOps practices, culture, and the various tools available that will lead to the creation of a sustainable delivery system for your business.
  • Avoid delays and hassles that happen because of teams working in silos.

In this way, the DevOps Transformation by Cloudaeon helps organizations use a comprehensive framework that not only includes tools, and technology, but also softer aspects that are important to improve skills and work culture.

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