FaaS Provider

Functions as a Service (FaaS) is a relatively new cloud computing model developed by startup companies. This model is based on server-less computer technology and architecture that software developers can use to easily deploy applications to the cloud without having to manage servers.

Cloudaeon supports many businesses with Faas services. FaaS provides a type of architecture that must be suitable for developers. This is an entirely new way to create, manage, and implement code. It includes new methods, such as microservices with many different advantages for large and small applications. The most important advantage of serverless architecture is the availability or lack of developers.

FaaS Provider

Over time, new technology develops and introduces new updates and patches. We will manage your server with hotfixes and ensure that your server configuration synchronizes with your application.

Key benefits of FaaS for your business-

FaaS is a valuable tool if you want to migrate applications to the cloud efficiently and economically. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Focus more on code than infrastructure.
  • Pay only for the resources you use when you use them.
  • Scale up or down automatically.
  • Get all the advantages of a healthy cloud infrastructure.

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