GCP Managed Service

As a Google Cloud partner, we offer a managed services package for the Google Cloud Platform environment. If you plan to implement or manage your products in GCP, cost efficiency is one of the most important parameters. Google Cloud offers many interesting features or services that, if configured correctly, can be very useful for your business. This is what Cloudaeon does – we help you set up and manage an effective GCP system.

At Cloudaeon, we have extensive experience in designing and configuring the Google Cloud Platform and providing its fully managed servicesto our customers. This means that we are perfectly prepared to offer solutions that you need and will meet all your requirements. We have assembled a team of professionals who specialize in all types of cloud services and service management technologies and who can recommend ideas and suggestions to help youget more from your system.


GCP Managed Services

Why do youneed GCP managed services?

Google cloud is gradually becoming a preferred cloud platform for enterprises of all sizes due to its flexibility, efficiency, cost savings, and a vast number of smart AI and ML tools offered to its enterprise partners.

Google cloud encompasses everything from application to storage to cloud computing services, and web solutions using the internet.Today, more than four million apps are using the google cloud platform.Companies and app developers like GCP’s flexibility, ease of use, and universalinterface. It lays special emphasis on security and provides improved choice with its hybrid, multi-cloud, serverless offerings.

GCP managed services protects your data, applications, and infrastructure from malware, spam, and frauds with the same infrastructure and security services that Google uses. Google Cloud’s networking, storage, and computing services provide state-of-the-art data encryption from anywhere, anytime.

Benefitsof GCP managed services:

GCP managed services offer a wide range of tools andservices that provide the following benefits –

1.     Built for hybrid and multi-cloud

No more vendor lock-ins with Google Cloud’s commitment to open-source, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud that allows its users to use their data and run their apps on any cloud and in any environment. GCP managed services provide flexibility between public and private clouds,enabling businesses and developers to operate in any environment.

2.     Trusted cloud infrastructure

Customers can take advantage of the same secure infrastructure with built-in protection and the same global network that Google uses to protect your information, accounts, and devices. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring that it can only be accessed by authorized users with the encryption keys.

3.     Accelerated application delivery

Build industry-grade containerized applications rapidly with best-in-class managed Kubernetes and server less platforms in any environment. Build a fast, scalable software delivery pipelinefrom anywhere by seamlessly implementing DevOps and SRE practices with the cloud-native toolset and universal support from Google.

4.     Built-in AI and ML services

GCP leverage the expertise behind thegoogle search engine to deliver a new, unified AI and ML experience in your cloud. AI/ML is a core component of the google cloud platform, which helps companies not only derive improved insights but also automate their core business operations using data as the core.

5.     Sustainable and power-efficient

A Google data center is two times as energy-efficient as any other conventional enterprise data center, and it delivers 600% more computing power for the same amount of electrical power, compared with 5 yearsago. GCP includes a collection of tools to track carbon emissions associated with your Google Cloud usage and take actions to reduce them.

Cloudaeon GCP Managed Services include:

As a certified GCP Managed Services Partner, we help our customers build successful GCP-based solutions by providing our technical consultation,development skills, monitoring, and support. Our main GCP Managed Services include:

Google Cloud Consulting

We are a certified Google Cloud Partner, and our experts will help you extract the most from your GCP managed services. We will assess your infrastructure, examine its vulnerabilities, check its suitability andthen guide you to deploy Google Cloud in your network. Whether you are trying to understand the benefits of cloud adoption, considering a migration to GoogleCloud, or looking for a partner you can rely on our years of experience and technical expertise.

Solutioning and setup

With our experienced and certified experts to guide you, youcan be sure of choosing the right Google services for your workloads. Wedetermine your workload needs, migrate applications without disruption, and createa resilient and secure infrastructure. Our team will manage all your GCPrelated databases and infrastructure, along with application deployment on thegoogle cloud.

Real-time monitoring

Cloudaeon uses Google’s robust Cloud Monitoring solution toprovide a comprehensive view of all applications and infrastructure across the GoogleCloud. Customers can easily draw actionable insights with accurate metrics andintuitive data visualizations.

Cloud cost optimization

Our Solutions Architects are dedicated to helping our customers manage their cloud operating expenses. We identify the budget leaks and follow the best practices to modify your infrastructure to lower your operational costs. We help you keep your cloud costs under control so you can easily scale up your infrastructure as per your business needs.

24/7 Support and management

Our dedicated support ensures the high availability of your GCP managed services, security of your data, optimized resource management, andreports and insights on any security threats. As your business grows and sodoes your need to scale up, we shall continue to guide you to take advantage ofthe latest technologies and features for cloud infrastructure management, while maintaining the stability and scalability of your solutions.

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