IT Staff Augmentation

Expedite your software delivery with our on-demand IT professionals

Our IT staff augmentation services empower your development team by letting you hire certified IT professionals, including skilled software developers, DevOps engineers, Big Data Analysts, and Cloud administrators on a contractual or long-term basis. We help you expand your team and bridge your project’s skill gaps with suitable on-demand IT talent, easily and affordably.

Advantages of our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Lower Operational Costs

No need to pay for full-time staff for short-term solutions. Pay only for the talent and value you receive, rather than for office space, equipment, and taxes.

Easy acquisition of talent

Find and hire resources with specific skill sets as and when required for your projects, easily. Skip the searching, screening, and recruiting process and get the resources directly.

Meet aggressive deadlines

Ramp up your team to meet a stringent deadline or to expedite the development. Improve your software lifecycle by hiring experts at different phases – from consultation to development to testing.

Flexibility to scale up or down

Rapid expansion/reduction of the team becomes possible. Scale up your team to meet a sudden demand surge in your enterprise and scale down later when demands are met.

IT Staff Augmentation Models of Cloudaeon

Team Augmentation

Cloudaeon will provide its experienced IT professionals with the required skillsets that enterprises can hire on a temporary basis to meet the specific demands of their projects. This model is ideal for those enterprises that are facing a skills shortage or whose projects are on a stringent timeline.  

Dedicated team/resources

Those enterprises that need an end to end support on a project, or a module can hire a dedicated team which will be responsible for working, delivering, and overseeing the project. A dedicated team can also work in collaboration with the in-house team to fill the specific need of the project.

Managed IT services

Enterprises who have no in-house IT team or are looking to outsource their entire IT infrastructure and its operations will find Managed IT services a great choice. Whether you want to move to the cloud, adopt Big Data, utilise Power BI, or integrate AI/ML in your workloads, Cloudaeon can provide Managed IT services for every business need of your enterprise.

Our augmented staff’s expertise

Application Development

Our experienced app developers, testers, and DB administrators can work with various programming frameworks under the agile approach.

IT Consultation

Our consultants with industry-proven expertise will help to achieve your business goals through a powerful IT strategy.

DevOps Integration

Experience accelerated software lifecycle and leverage continuous delivery with the help of our DevOps engineers.

Cloud Adoption/Migration

Adopt or migrate to cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP with complete assurance and no disruption through our cloud experts.

Big Data Implementation

Make the most out of your data and get it expertly managed, refined, and classified through state-of-the-art big data technologies.  

Power BI and data analysis

Derive critical insights, manage budgets, and improve personnel management with Power BI tools and data analytics services.

Infrastructure administration

Get complete setup, administration, and support for your IT infrastructure from our infrastructure management team.

Support and Maintenance

Get 24x7 support and maintenance for your applications, networks, and infrastructure from our dedicated support engineers.

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Looking for an established and reliable IT outsourcing partner?

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