Managed Analytics Service

What are Managed Analytics Services?

Managed Analytics is the end to end business analytical solution that includes the collection, measurement, and analysis of data gathered from various sources to provide better insights to the enterprise.

Why do you need Managed Analytics Services?

Oftentimes enterprise faces a lot of challenges in terms of handling high volume of data or building the right pool of talented people - which could be complex, costly and time-consuming. Managed analytics services will provide you with a perfect mix of skill sets, tools, expertise, and experience. Managed analytics services also help companies move from CapEx to a predictable Opex cost model. 

Such predictability makes it easy for business users to justify business cases, and thus makes it easy for decision-makers to approve their managed analytics budgets. As services become more results-oriented, costs can be accrued on measuring business value. Over time, companies feel the need to introduce a series of business intelligence, analytics, and self-reporting tools that are often motivated by company-level considerations.

However, in due course of time, several unique challenges have made their presence felt, like - (a) Departmental silos that put enterprise-wide views at risk and result in IT assets across the enterprise being leveraged only in small proportions, (b) low Business and IT collaboration, which makes delivering change requests for the BI (Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse) applications within SLA limits challenging, (c) Organizational dependency on a few critical people for application knowledge, rendering the delivery of mega-projects that beat expectations, a herculean task, (d) Time-intensive migration of platforms for consolidation or upgradation, for even a simple rationalized subset of reports.

Why choose cloudaeon for Managed Analytics Services?

  • No upfront analytics investments in time and resources.
  • The reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Faster and simpler data access and analysis.
  • Easy Management, error-free and quick analysis.
  • Accelerated and accurate Business Insights.
  • Predictable business outcomes.
  • Leverage Big Data Technologies on Cloud.

Data Analytics Engagement Model:

  • Assessment to understand business flow and processes, key metrics and expected outcomes.
  • Proof of Concept - delivering pilot projects and building infrastructure.
  • Solutions implementation – design and deployment roadmap, project solution implementation.
  • Support and maintenance.

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